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Right now I’m probably drinking coffee or wine while balancing life in the ’20s.

2020’s that is.

Thanks for joining me and my family adventures as I try to keep peace and sanity while achieving our goal to be Happy, Healthy, Smart, Strong, and Successful!

Morning Person, Are You?

People ask me, “are you a morning person?” when I tell them that I’ve been waking up at 5am to work out. My response is “well, I’m telling myself that I am, and I seem to be buying into it”. Before I start stretching and yawning and trying to come alive enough to hit that… Continue reading Morning Person, Are You?

Gettin’ Dirty

Finally things are happening! Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the virtual races last year, but I’m ready for a real Fun Run! Last year before the world stopped, me and some gal pals purchased tickets to do the Muddy Princess run in West Palm Beach. One year later we finally got to get dirty.… Continue reading Gettin’ Dirty

Spring Break:Cocoa Beach

One week prior to the start of our vacation my husband says to me: “There is supposed to be a cold front while we are at the beach, can we cancel it? It’s going to be freezing!” Me: “Nope. Bring a jacket!” After a year of canceling long weekends and vacations I didn’t care if… Continue reading Spring Break:Cocoa Beach


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