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Stay Groovy my Friends

Marsha I Am

I am part of an elite group of people who take on everyday as though we walk a tight rope across the deepest part of the Grand Canyon during stormy weather. A group that makes decisions every single day that directly impacts someones future, even though we just want to stay in bed. A group of folks that appreciate and yet fear the quite moments at the same time. I am a Parent.

I am Mom to twin boys who have ADHD/ADD. They are identical twins who will soon be 8 years old. The way their minds work, school has been an enormous challenge. Enormous. We just keep on trying to find different methods to make it better.

I am a wife of 9 years to my kids wonderful and amazing father, who was born and raised in Cuba and has helped to open my eyes to different perspectives and lifestyles. We share a love for the outdoors and of course, our kiddos.

I like to make people happy. I like to help people find the tools they need to achieve success, whatever their definition of that may be. I like to get to know people and want for people to feel like they belong where they are and are worthy of elevating to a better place if they so choose.

I am also an introvert. I need my “alone” time to stay balanced and not get lost in thoughts of others. I enjoy drinking Jack and Coke but also enjoy sipping rapidly on red wine. I love being a Mommy, I love to read, I love to run, and I love being outside.

All those things led me here to Reading, Running, and Adventures. This is me.

I hope you can get something out of me that helps elevate your life in a happy, healthy, smart, strong, and successful way.